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For testcase failures, please don't file any bugs, but instead report them via this interface. Due to the nature of the testsuite, common issues will be manually triaged from these reports.

There are several tests for unity, the full suite will take several hours to run. It's suggested to run them individually like so. Each failed test will record a video of the failure in /tmp/autopilot. In addition, a log file will be generated, such as unity-launcher.xml, for each test providing a summary of tests that pass and fail. Use this log file to report your test failures.

autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-launcher.xml unity.tests.launcher
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-command-lens.xml unity.tests.test_command_lens
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-dash.xml unity.tests.test_dash
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-hud.xml unity.tests.test_hud
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-ibus.xml unity.tests.test_ibus
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-panel.xml unity.tests.test_panel
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-quicklist.xml unity.tests.test_quicklist
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-shopping-lens.xml unity.tests.test_shopping_lens
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-shortcut.xml unity.tests.test_shortcut_hint
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-showdesktop.xml unity.tests.test_showdesktop
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-spread.xml unity.tests.test_spread
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-switcher.xml unity.tests.test_switcher
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-logging.xml unity.tests.test_unity_logging
autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o unity-xim.xml unity.tests.xim

autopilot run unity will run all of them together.

  1. Did you get any test failures?

At the moment, please don't file any bugs for this, instead attach your log output as part of a failed test report. Include a link to the pasted log on if needed for long logs.

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