Monitor HotPlugging in nVidia Proprietary Drivers in Week1 (archived)

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Passeddanielbell2010-02-20 12:13

Unsure if pass or failed..
Adding a monitor does not show automatically as mirrored. Does not appear in xrandr, but does show in nvidia gui as "disabled".
Nvidia gui after enabling has options to enable twinview or seperate X screen. (no mirroring)

Passedboran2010-02-17 21:16

Hot plug does not work as described, but the nvidia tool can be used to enable twinview. After I enabled separate X screen, bu could not get it to switch back.

Passedjmoronat2010-02-17 14:57

Need to run nvidia-xconfig as sudo in order to save to X config file.

Passedd3mia72010-02-17 02:14

Worked as expected - plugging external monitor did nothing, but using nVidia tools allowed external monitor to be used.

Passedramon.rocha2010-02-16 04:00

Monitor Hot Plugging worked using the nvidia GUI config tool with the Twin View option. In order to preserve the setting however, the "Save to X Configuration File" button had to be clicked which initially produces an error message since user rights have not yet been escalated.

Using the "Separate X screen" option worked but second display flickered constantly and mouse sporadically changed between pointer and spinner.

Passedcaseyjp2010-02-15 10:31
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