Different resolutions in nVidia Proprietary Drivers in Week1 (archived)

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PassedWallETester2010-02-22 00:22
PassedLuis_Ferreira2010-02-21 18:11
Passedowdronrhodes2010-02-20 18:56
Passeddanielbell2010-02-20 11:57

using nvidia gui

PassedPRab2010-02-19 01:51
Passedgabox2010-02-18 14:40
Passedcharlie-tca2010-02-18 00:32

Verified that there is a menu entry - "System -> Administration -> NVIDIA X Server Settings" after installing the hardware drivers and restarting once. I do have the message when checking under "System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers", 'This driver is activated but not currently in use.' No desktop effects can be enabled. Restarted the system, tried again, can now activate the desktop effects in "System -> Preferences -> Appearances".

Passedboran2010-02-17 17:57

Tested every single resolution from the nvidia gui

Passedjmoronat2010-02-17 14:47
Passedssweeny2010-02-17 03:14
Passedd3mia72010-02-17 02:08

No issues changing between resolutions

PassedSoftwareExplorer2010-02-17 01:39
doesn't add nvidia-settings to menu after installing (#522969)
In: gnome-menus (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Low
Assignee: Martin Pitt
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Resolution setting worked; however, Nvidia X Server Settings didn't show up in menu until after restarting (to install the driver), logging in, logging back out, and logging in for a second time.

Passedxdatap12010-02-16 20:51
PassedFoH2010-02-16 20:39
Passedricsipontaz2010-02-16 19:21
Passedyasaswi.lakkaraju2010-02-16 11:11
Passedramon.rocha2010-02-16 03:49

Different resolutions work correctly using the nvidia GUI config tool.

Passeddanbhfive2010-02-16 02:25
Passedfido2010-02-15 15:00
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