Upgrade Testing in nVidia Proprietary Drivers in Natty Week03 (archived)

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Passedkesitu22082011-05-08 05:20
Passedkeworld2011-04-14 09:10
Passedbeehock2011-04-03 07:58
Passedhenry2011-04-03 07:07

Installed maverick + all updates. Installed propreitary nVidia drivers and restarted. Upgraded to natty and restarted. Login without problem. Unity started, nVidia driver in use.

Reboot and there is no older kernel to boot from. Old kernels were removed during upgrade.

Passedrrrrube2011-04-03 01:13

Installed Maverick, downloaded all updates & restarted. Install proprietary Nvidia drivers & restarted. Installed Natty upgrade via the Update Manager GUI tool & restarted. Unity loaded with Nvidia driver. No problems experienced.

Restarted again and tried to boot to the older kernel but system hung with just a flashing cursor. Turned PC off and on again and was able to boot into the older kernel successfully.

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