Compiz Scale in Graphics Performance and Reliability in Natty Week02 (archived)

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Passedchadadavis-mac2011-03-26 12:40
Maximized windows in spread have no window decorations (#704177)
In: unity (Ubuntu)
Status: Confirmed
Importance: Medium
Assignee: None
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Test passes as described.
PS: still see related bug 704177 though.

Passedmainerror2011-03-23 12:36

Works as described.

Passedhenry2011-03-22 00:40
Passedgrantbdev2011-03-22 00:16
Passedubutobi2011-03-21 21:54

time /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test
real 0m0.283s
user 0m0.130s
sys 0m0.100s

Passedtinche2011-03-21 19:12
Passedretimer2011-03-21 18:55
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