Compiz Scale in Graphics Performance and Reliability in Natty Week01 (archived)

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Passedkineskop2011-03-20 15:35
PassedGeert Jan2011-03-20 15:27
Passedchadadavis-mac2011-03-19 17:50
Maximized windows in spread have no window decorations (#704177)
In: unity (Ubuntu)
Status: Confirmed
Importance: Medium
Assignee: None
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Decorations are not lost permanently. However, maximized windows show no window decorations when scale is activated.

Passedretimer2011-03-18 01:54
PassedPhotonX2011-03-17 21:24

I don't seem to be able to focus the terminal window directly while scale is active. Clicking the terminal icon (or any other icon on the launcher) one time deactivates scale and presents the desktop background with all windows minimized, to focus the terminal window a second click on its icon is necessary.

Passedsoeb2011-03-17 21:11
Passedtinche2011-03-17 19:20
Passedjibel2011-03-17 17:11
Passedxdatap12011-03-15 11:33
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