Unity 3D session in nVidia Proprietary Drivers in Natty Week01 (archived)

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Failedxdatap12011-03-15 11:03
GNOME bars theme lost (#735393)
In: gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu)
Status: Invalid
Importance: Medium
Assignee: None
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Unity Run but theme crashed after fre seconds

ReporterLast updateBugsComment
PassedGeert Jan2011-03-20 15:19

Passed, although the unity-applications-daemon process seems particularly unstable.

Passedtobsco2011-03-20 15:16
Passedthemiwi2011-03-20 11:51
Passedchadadavis2011-03-19 21:32
Passedosmoma2011-03-19 16:15

Test passed but alt+tab freezes the desktop. I see borderless windows on the screen. I manage to reboot from text-console (cntr + alt + F1).

Passedkitano2011-03-19 11:09
Passedapo2011-03-18 15:28
Passedbeehock2011-03-18 08:22

there is only 1 instance of compiz crashed upon the first reboot after installation of nvidia driver.

Passedofir_k2011-03-18 06:05
Passedretimer2011-03-18 02:26
Passedkamus2011-03-18 00:43
Passedtinche2011-03-17 20:54
PassedPhotonX2011-03-17 20:32
Passedftalbrecht2011-03-17 20:06
Passedcmyrland2011-03-17 19:04
Passedngladitz2011-03-17 17:35
Passedjibel2011-03-17 17:15
Passedsoeb2011-03-17 14:43
Passeddivius2011-03-17 09:06
Passedkhanh_coltech2011-03-17 04:11
Passeddnewkirk2011-03-16 00:06
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