Upgrade Testing in nVidia Proprietary Drivers in Natty Week01 (archived)

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Passedchadadavis2011-03-20 13:14

After the upgrade, nvidia module is automatically installed for the new kernel (2.6.38-7), and it works correctly.

Booting 2.6.35-28 (maverick current kernel):
Fails to load X, though lsmod shows 'nvidia' loaded. Restarting gdm fixes it temporarily, but the problem re-appears after reboot. Finally, booting into safe mode, before starting gdm manually fixes the problem permanently: I can now switch between kernels, and X automatically starts with the appropriate 'nvidia' driver. The Xorg.0.log's showed only that nvidia failed to load previously, but neither /var/log/messages nor dmesg had any further information.

Booting 2.6.35-22 (maverick ISO kernel):
Hangs on boot splash. Probably simply because I never had 'nvidia' installed for 2.6.35-22, because I installed it after first upgrading to 2.6.35-28.

Passedthemiwi2011-03-20 12:00
Passedbeehock2011-03-18 08:43
Passedretimer2011-03-18 02:26
Passeddivius2011-03-17 09:06

Upgraded Maverick -> Alpha 3

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